Application technology

Production optimisation | Sustainability | Quality

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1. Analysis

On site, we analyse the production flow and the packaging machines integrated in the process.

From this, we develop a sustainable concept for production optimisation.

Service in application technology

  • Product advice
  • Production optimisation
  • Problem solving on site
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Adaptation of the existing machinery

2. Production optimisation

Production optimisation is about sustainably optimising the existing process of a production flow based on our concept. In cooperation with you, we implement the improvements and get you on the right track.

In addition to a higher quality of the manufactured products, optimisation usually aims at cost savings.

3. Sustainability

By sustainability, we mean stable and natural growth with a lasting effect over a longer period of time. We pay attention to environmental and quality standards.

We support companies in achieving the BRC standard. The BRC Food Standard was developed to set criteria for food safety and quality. Our consulting services are limited to pure audit preparation.

4. Quality

We analyse any errors and check where there is still room for improvement. In addition, we check whether the manufactured products meet the quality standards required by the industry.

Quality is produced and not controlled.

If desired, a quality check can be carried out at a specific interval so that optimum and smooth production can be guaranteed.